The new reading trend is digital

We are pretty much all aware that we live in the digital age.

We realise that many of the tangible goods are slowly becoming intangible (certificates, documents, prescriptions, bills, education).

We also often hear that an author published his book in eBook format following the modern era and we immediately think that it is a downgraded version.

When we say eBook we are referring to the abbreviation of <electronic book>.

That is, it is the digital form of a printed book designed to be read only by devices such as computers, tablets or smartphones.

An eBook can actually be an entire library!

It’s easy to use and you can carry it everywhere. Perfect for those who love reading and also love holidays.

An ebook is not inferior to a printed book because it too has an attractive cover, explanatory title , strong content.

Of course it cannot replace the printed book which is more friendly to the reader’s eyes and connects them to it.

But the eBook is not the scapegoat of humanity but neither is the printed book anachronistic and vague and I believe that every independent author should have an eBook in their portfolio.

A digital version of a book is not a replacement for the print book but an enriched version of it!!!

Let’s not forget that the printed book can decorate your library and add character to your home decor but the eBook is something you carry around with you and doesn’t claim space in your bag.

Whatever format of publication the reader chooses, the book will always be a <repository> of values and a transfer of ideas whether it’s print or digital!


Faye Z.